The Difference in Light Sources

The Aboriginal people who used to live on the same land that we do now were certainly very intuitive and imaginative in numerous ways. They discovered creative ways to do so many different things. Without electricity, they found ways of staying warm, communicating and staying entertained. Another thing that they did was find ways to create light after the sun had gone down. It can be interesting to compare how Aboriginals found light sources, versus how we do it nowadays. Some methods are the same, but others have definitely changed a great deal since back then!

Aboriginals Light Sources


One of the many tools and main source of light that Aboriginals used was fire. Fire was an essential part of everyday life. It was used to heat, cook, and light up the darkness. Nobody would have survived the winters in the cold, harsh land without fire. Native American tribes would have a large fire burning in their village at all times. It would be everybody’s responsibility to ensure that the fire never went out, and somebody would always be watching it. People would frequently go out to the forest to cut down firewood to feed the flames. Smaller fires would be set up inside the Aboriginal people’s homes. These smaller fires would be used for cooking meat and boiling water. At night, fire would be the only way to see things, aside from the moonlight.

Modern Day Light Sources

Led Light Lamp

These days, we do not usually depend on fire for light. When we walk into a room, we can flip a switch and turn on the light. This is a great thing, because we are able to carry on our tasks into the night. However, it could also be viewed as being something negative. People are staying awake later and later now, because they have the ability to continue working at night. This is not good for our natural sleep cycles, as they are getting disturbed. We use a lot of LED lights for maximum brightness. We can even put LED bars on our cars so that everything is more visible at night! There are many different lightbar reviews online if you haven’t had a chance to check them out yet. Flashlights have also largely replaced fire as a light source for the nighttime hours. They are portable, and therefore can be brought outdoors, or in the woods if you are going camping.


A lot has changed in terms of light sources over the last couple hundred years. Before, it was incredibly difficult to have a portable light source for a long period of time. Aboriginals could use torches, but only up until the fire burned out. We now have the ability to even attach LED light bars to our cars, and drive through the darkness! We have continued to progress and overcome obstacles that stood in our way in the past. If the trend continues as it has been, we will likely be even farther ahead soon!

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